Sabtu, Mei 15, 2010


Seems ages since i write, trying to write again before i lose it again. I don't know why i write here, since i have another thing to write (read:my Final Assignment). Probably to bring that writing feel to life. So here i am, starting to write.
I don't know why i bother to write an explanation why i needed to write. So sad, apologizing to myself and try to make it up. It's funny and sad at the same time. Standing on a boundary, it's burning but try to laugh it up.

It was a fine afternoon, i could see the sun peek it's light. It seems bigger even after the horizon cut it in half. I never see the sun that obvious, trying to make it's way to the world as if couple million of years wasn't enough. I watched it slips away.
It's getting cold immediately, i needed a blanket. I sew a blanket from a banana leaves. My dad taught me how to sew my life, so it shouldn't be a problem sewing a blanket out of banana leaves. Its more than enough for now, because i know even if i sew it from the finest wool out of the finest sheep, it couldn't keep me warm. The cold isn't coming from the air that left by the sun, the cold is coming from inside. Things i should have kept warm, and now its frozen. My soul is in hypothermia, a few degree colder then it certainly dies. Heartless, soulless. Unguided. I just made a description of me.
I put the sewed blanket over so it covers my neck but it left my feet unguarded. The wind blow harder, making my feet unconsciously pull the blanket from my neck. Even my body disagree with each other. I don't blame them, It's me who have been keeping their warmth away from them. They probably demanded their warmth back. I'll try. I'll try to push a little more from this boundary, and regain my warmth. My long lost enthusiasm. My long lost soul. My long lost warmth.

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