Selasa, Februari 02, 2010

New Age Passes By

Age..? 24 sir..
Occupation..? Student..
Post-Graduate..? Nope, under-graduate..
Hmmmm..? Yup i know, hmm..

Sometimes, i wonder how this would end.. Wrap it up unsatisfactoryly (is this a word..?), and the hell with it.. it's lucky enough for me if make it out alive and well. I'm running our of words, running out of time, running out of energy, and running out of life. I wonder how i would catch up with everything out there. The damn world just won't stop, and it certainly won't even wait moreover for me. For now, trying my best is the only thing i could do. A little pressure maybe..? Nah, a pressure won't do much for me.. A little motivation..? Yeah, probably that's what i needed, a little motivation to do what i got to do..

Hmm.. A little mucic might motivate me a bit.. ;)
It's a new dawn, it's new day, it's a new life.. And i'm feeling good! -Michael Bubble-


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