Minggu, Maret 21, 2010


A boy wear nothing but shorts and singlets, running as if his two legs were only made for it. He leap through the air with wings he made out of his mind. Boy, how i envy him, wings out of his own imagination.
The boy told stories, stories that he believed were true never care what people think, what true to him will always true. A man told me, with that kind of thinking you should go to the highest top of mountain or to the deepest sea of ocean because you would never be accepted everywhere in the society, ah you see I accepted the boy as he is be cause his believe on himself. Jealousness trampled me once again as i mirrored myself to the boy.
It got me thinking, was i ever that boy ? Did i have legs that only made for running ? Did i have those wings ? Did i have those moments..? I had those moments, but i started to believe that those wings were not real. These legs are not strong. These minds can't made wings. These stories are unacceptable for them. Geez.. How i wish i have his minds, free and original.


Selasa, Maret 02, 2010

New Strategy..

Hmm.. march already..
March and still undone..

Target februari beres nulis ternyata tidak terlaksanakan, kalah sama diri sendiri, mengecawakan. Harus bikin strategi baru buat nulis karena rasanya strategi lalu sudah usang dan tidak layak pakai karena kondisinya pun sudah berubah. Pekerjaan baru lagi menunggu untuk diselesaikan, kamaren yang judulnya "Strategi Menulis di Saat Malas" berubah menjadi "Strategi Menulis di saat Banyak Pekerjaan". Rintangan menulis di saat banyak pekerjaan..?
1. Gak fokus, lagi nulis inget kerjaan, lagi kerja inget nulis. Geez..
2. Prioritas! Pekerjaan dulu atau nulis dulu ? Karena 2-2 nya ada target yang harus tercapai
3. Volume pekerjaan dan menulis setiap harinya, berapa banyak nulis untuk hari ini, berapa banyak kerja untuk haru esok, berapa banyak nulis untuk hari lusa and on and on and on and on and on.. *hrmph*
And it all comes down to 'time management', which i always fail about 90 percent out of my time.. Mungkin strategi sekarang, go with the flow.. Ketika mood nulis baru nulis, sisanya untuk kuliah, kerjaan, main dan lain lain dan lain lain.. :) Toh, sesuatu yang dipaksakan hasilnya gak akan baik kan..? kan..? (there goes another excuse..)

Excuses are excuses..


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